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Advanced Yogi Kitten Routine

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Say Meow-maste to the purrfect skincare routine for blemish-prone skin. This bundle features Heartleaf Extract that works to clarify and calm an irritated complexion.

  • Namaste Kitten is a bright green, balancing cleanser. It removes base makeup and helps clarify blemish-prone skin without stripping it.
  • Yoga Kitten is a soft, clay facial treatment. Packed with real heartleaf, this oil-controlling formula works to calm the complexion & detoxify blemish-prone skin.  
  • Zen Kitten is a soothing Centella Asiatica Facial Toner that is simply un-zen-iable! The soothing alcohol-free toner also contains Centella Asiatica to strengthen the skin's barrier and give the skin a boost of recovery effect.
  • Juicy Kitten is a supercharged face serum to help soothe & purify your’s like a green juice for blemish-prone skin!
  • Chill Kitten is a fragrance-free lightweight and oil-free gel texture that soothes the skin and gives an instant cooling effect.

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